METROLOGY [me•trol•o•gy]: the science of weights and measures or of measurement.

(PMI) Precision Metrology, Inc. serves manufacturing businesses located throughout the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Established as a Georgia corporation in 1997, we are an appointed manufacturer’s representative for numerous respected companies, promoting manufacturing, measurement and inspection products throughout this region. Support services include product installation, training, machine-down service and ongoing on-site system calibration for all of our represented products. We offer extensive product training options to aid customers with part programming and application support. Precision Metrology’s focus is bringing a trusted “value-added” component to the manufacturers we serve.

Our Product Partner Brands:

PMI’s Purpose

We represent a small contingent of premier measurement, length and rotary encoder products, digital displays for manufacturing systems, data collection and machine vision solutions. Our customer commitment starts with the realization that one company should not offer pages of vendor associations. We are selective, we know the products we represent and bring this knowledge to our customer in every conversation we have. One has to love engineering and precision in effort to understand what our customers require and demand. Our goal; provide qualified assistance to aid in the selection of the correct tool for a specific application.

We are full service partners for quality control, CNC manufacturing, and data collection. Our partners have tools for air, contact, non-contact, fixed-limit, macro, micro, tactile, optical, video and x-ray inspection. We support retrofit systems for CNC & manual machine tools, angular, length, linear, rotary, new and replacement encoders with new generation digital displays and control systems.